Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prayers Answered

Today my friend Christine Trollinger, who is a regular contributer at "Canticle," sent this exciting answer to prayer!

Thank you Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta...Gabby my year old Bichon Friese dog was suppose to have surgery this morning for Cherry eye. Last night I asked Mother Teresa to intercede for Gabby and fix her eyes without need for very expensive surgery that I really cannot afford. I touched Gabby's eyes with a relic card the Nun's sent me. This morning her eyes were clear...I took her into the Veterinarian this morning as scheduled to double check that a miracle healing had indeed taken place. He confirmed it. The tear duct's had re-anchored themselves and she just has to have eye drops for the next few days. Thank You Abba Father and Blessed Mother Teresa.

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