Friday, February 22, 2008

Letter of Thanks

Today I received an e-mail a subscriber, and it moved me so much I just had to share it with you. Letters like this remind me why we're working so hard to let people know about Canticle ... The little magazine is truly changing lives! (Do you know any widows who might particularly benefit from our Lent issue? You can order individual copies of Issue #38 by calling 800-558-5452).

Good morning Heidi,

Thank you so much for the beautiful March/April issue of “Canticle.” I serve as Director of Adult Faith Formation and Family Life Ministries at _____ Church in Kansas City, Kansas and I am long overdue to send a note of thanks for the magazine. It is a joy to share it in “Women of Grace” groups when in session and other groups such as parent groups, sacrament preparation classes, RCIA and many others.

I especially want to thank all who produce “Canticle” for the articles addressing the needs of widows. Our parish Grief Support group is filled with many wise, grace filled women and I have used thoughts from various articles in the past to share with them. Every month, our meetings begin with lunch (so many will not eat well at home because they don’t like to eat alone). After the meal, we celebrate birthdays and have a speaker or informal discussion. I always have a faith-based topic or article to start the discussion but this particular month was a struggle. Normally, I would be ready several days in advance but this month was different. I prayed for guidance and even though I still wasn’t sure of our direction for this month, I was at peace. I knew that my prayer would be answered. Tuesday, the day before our meeting, “Canticle” arrived in my mailbox. My eyes immediately were drawn to the headline “Stations of the Cross for Widows” and I knew that, yes indeed, my prayers were answered.

Our pastor, _________, and I read the “Stations of the Cross for Widows” together for our Grief Support Group. He introduced each station with a prayer and I read the reflection. We have had extraordinary gatherings with these adults before but nothing like this. The response was amazing – it touched the hearts of everyone. The beauty of the Stations combined with Dr. Chervin’s inspiration was a wonderful gift to these women and men this Lent. Someone understood them! Someone else had been there and that someone was Our Blessed Mother. How grateful we are for Dr. Chervin’s words and to “Canticle” for presenting them to us.

Thank you again for the work and dedication of all the staff to produce a faith filled publication that teaches women how to be Women of Grace. May God bless you all and please know that you can count on our continued prayers and support. We also are happy to join you in promoting “Canticle” magazine.

With gratitude from your sister in Christ,


Veritas said...

I'm sure you're( pl) delighted with feedback like this Heidi. It is well deserved.

Kate said...

Congratulations, Heidi. You deserve to hear feedback like this. You truly are working for God's Kingdom. I am thankful and humbled that you allow me to be a part of this wonderful publication.

Christine said...

I totally agree. As a widow, the article touched me deeply. I am passing it along to my widow/widowers group.