Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was wondering what readers thought about the "Easter insert" that we included in the Lent issue. (We're thinking of running it Lent and Advent.) In particular, I'm wondering ...

This Lenten issue is the first time we've decided to print an "Easter" insert (we're thinking of doing it for Easter and Christmas). I was hoping some of you might offer your first impressions:

Do you plan (as we intended) to remove the insert after you've read it and give it to someone else who might be interested in the magazine? Or are you going to just enjoy the magazine, intact?

What is your impression of how the insert "fits" with the rest of the magazine? Does it strike you as having a different focus/purpose? Or just more of the same?

Any other feedback?

If you don't want to go on record, go ahead and e-mail me privately: hsaxton (at) christianword (dot) com.



Christine said...

HMM! I have not received my copy of Canticle yet so I don't know. But I suppose I shall place the insert in my parish Adoration Chapel.

Should I be worried it has not yet arrived?

Veritas said...

Same here, Heidi.

Veritas said...

Heidi, I'm delighted to say Canticle has arrived on Irish soil, none the worse for its long journey.
It looks beautiful, the front cover is superb, and there is lots to read.

I hope many bloggers take advantage of the free trial issue - you can't get fairer than that - I will promote this on my blog. Thanks, Heidi.

Christine said...

Yes, Mine finally arrived and it is fantastic! Another great job Heidi.