Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hot off the Press!!!

I'm delighted to report that Bezalel Press will be bringing back into print my book on Mary, which I've retitled Behold Your Mother: Mary Stories and Reflections from a Catholic Convert.

This edition is even better than the first one for one simple reason: In the interim, I became an adoptive mother myself! If you know someone who struggles to think of Mary as her spiritual mother, please consider buying this for her as an Easter or Mother's Day gift.

To sweeten the deal, I offer a special pre-pub deal here.

Happy Lent!


Cathy said...

Hello Heidi -
I just couldn't resist posting a comment on this beautiful book!
I just had the pleasure of reading it (this afternoon!)to offer an endorsement, and I was so impressed by it! I was moved by your eloquence in sharing your love of the Blessed Mother. I especially enjoyed your lovely, authentic prose. (True poetry!) Many people will be blessed by this book.

Veritas said...

Well done, Heidi, on your book. I hope that many readers order the book for themselves or as you suggest as an Easter or Mother's Day gift.
It's beautifully written and contains many marvellous observations about Mary, our Mother.