Thursday, February 21, 2008

January and March 2008 ... spread the word!

I'd like to congratulate our contributers to the first two issues of 2008 for their excellent work. Please consider posting the cover image on your blog or website along with a bit about your article ... help us spread the word!

These issues feature the writings of ...

January-February 2008

  • Marie Pitt-Payne: "Waltz of Love"
  • Genevieve Kineke: "Choosing Well ... with Good Reason"
  • Gina Switzer: "Re-Discovering the Sacramental Imagination"
  • Katherine Towne Sherwin: "Precious, but Prudent? A Reflection on Opposite-Sex Friendships"
  • Anna Abbott: "'Hooking Up' With God: The Problem of Casual Communion"
  • Jessica Mayo: "A Subtle Sin: Lust and the Womanly Heart"
  • Theresa Cavicchio: "Grandparenting for God"
  • Susan Ekins: "Taking Care of Me"
  • Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur: "Prayer as a Tool for Christian Unity"

March-April 2008
  • Denise Bossert: "Judith: An Image of Feminine Valor"
  • Ronda Chervin: "The Stations of the Cross for Widows"
  • Gretchen Garrity: "Giving Lent a Try"
  • Laura Yeager: "Grace-Filled Speaking"
  • Lisa Hendey: "Knit Together in Love"
  • Deb Richards: "Hope in the Desert"
  • Pat Gohn: "Longing to Have Them Home"
  • Karen Edmisten: "Seconds and Sacrifice"
  • Sarah Reinhard: "Smells Like Roses to Me!"
    Judy McCloskey: "Fear's Growth Potential"
Thanks again for all your hard work!

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