Monday, January 07, 2008

Tips, Hints, and Wishes...

I couple of months ago I encouraged some of you to join "Helium" as a way to turn writing into actual cash. This week I sold an article through Helium Marketplace, to an online magazine called Here's the link. If you'd like more info about Helium, send me a line. (It wasn't a load of cash, but considering how much writing we do for free, every bit helps, right?)

Karina Fabian is hard at work on the Online Writer's Conference that will be held the week of May 9. We have a number of excellent presenters already ... For more information, or to register (it's free ... donations accepted), click here.

This week I came across two great online resources you might like to know about. First, the Catholic Media Review, which is a great source of information not only about movies but television and other blogs as well. They directed me to the second resource, CRI (Catholic Radio International), which has started a new show called "Cover to Cover." This weekend I listened to the autobiography of Emaculee Ilibagiza, Rawandan genocide survivor, entitled Left to Tell. I'd been meaning to read it ... and thanks to this site, I got to listen to it for free!

Last but not least (if you're still reading), I need an article about Pentecost and the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer for the May issue of "Canticle." Any takers?

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