Thursday, January 10, 2008

About the next issue...

Yes, you heard it here first, ladies!

If the March/April issue of "Canticle" feels a bit heftier than usual, it's because it will be ... eight pages, to be exact. We are going to be including a special "Easter insert," with articles to help you get more out of the Easter season. We've designed it so you can pull out the insert (when you're done with it) and give it to a friend or family member who might benefit: a new convert, someone interested in the Church, or a neighbor who never seems to return your issue when the postman puts it in her box by mistake!
We are offering "trial subscriptions" now to those who call in and request them (800-558-5452). We will send the first issue free, along with an invoice that you can pay to get the next issue, or write "cancel" and return. What a deal, eh?
The photograph with this post is from a feature story in the next issue by Lisa Hendey on the "spirituality of knitting." Some knitters have discovered that knitting can be a great way to pray and serve at the same time. (Food for thought: Why not consider ordering a few extra copies to give to the crafty people in your life?)

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Julia said...

Calling now for the trial subscription!