Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Excellence Award - Sites to help you write

I was touched and delighted when both Kate Wicker and Elena Maria nominated "Silent Canticle" for the Excellence Award (Kathleen made her original nomination for both SC and "Mommy Monsters," and I posted her award -- along with the rules of the award -- here).

Rather than name ten more "Excellence Worthy" mom blogs (and there are at least that many), I'd like to give this award to a number of sites that I've found especially helpful as a writer. The "blogs behind the blog," if you will. They are: A never-failing source of article ideas (and real-life advice) on adoption and foster care.

People of the Book: News and other tidbits on the publishing world -- including a master list of contact information for various Catholic publishing houses. (Jim Manney of Loyola Press, author)
Catholic Writer's Guild: This networking group for Catholic writers is co-hosting (with Canticle) the first-ever Catholic Writer's Conference Online May 2-9.

Catholic Online: The entire site is a "must browse," but I find their "Feasts and Angels" listing particularly helpful.

Dignity of Women: A helpful website for those who want to better understand the Church's teaching on the role and vocation of women.

Online An online resource for newspapers from all over the world. The online listing of Catholic diocesan papers is here.

The Vatican: Includes translations of papal encyclicals and Church documents (including the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" and "Code of Canon Law") as far back as you'd care to read.
Index is here. The New American Bible online is here.

Writings of the Early Church Fathers: Although the site was compiled by a Protestant organization, the documents themselves are a helpful resource for anyone wanting to better understand Church history. Another excellent resource for early Church documents here.

Virtual Book Tours: This is a useful service for published authors who would like to help their publisher sell books. It's not free ... but it is a creative and much-needed service in today's publishing market.

Christian Writer's Marketplace: Written by the author of the indispensable resource Christian Writer's Marketplace, Sally Stuart, this blog gives up-to-date information and news items of interest to writers.

Have you found other websites particularly helpful? Please add a comment!

Veritas suggests "Catholic Education."


Cheryl said...

Thanks for mentioning Pump Up Your Book Promotion, Heidi. It's amazing the way online promotion has taken off.

Keep up the great work here. I hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.

All my best,

Cheryl Malandrinos
Pump Up Your Book Promotion

Veritas said...

Heidi, here is one you could add to the list:

Karina Fabian said...

On behalf of the Catholic Writers' Guild, THANK YOU!

We're still a new group, but we have a lot of plans. We've been honored and very excited to be working with Canticle on the upcoming Conference.

If you're a Catholic writer of any level, please check out what the Catholic Writers' Online Conference and the CWG have for you!

Karina Fabian

Laura Beutler said...

Heidi - I've been enjoying your site. This list is really great. I signed up for the Conference and am looking forward to it. Keep up the good work.
Laura - Children & Chocolate and Other Paths to God