Sunday, January 27, 2008

Prayer Request: Suicide

I received an urgent prayer request today from Pat Hershwitzky, a regular "Canticle" contributer. Her friend, Phil, committed suicide by shooting himself ... right in front of his wife, Marian. She is understandably in shock. It sounds as though this comes at the end of a life full of darkness and depression. Pat covets your prayers on behalf of both these individuals, and asked that I share with you my initial response to her request:
I'm so grateful our spiritual leaders now understand the dynamics behind a suicide, the mental anguish that mitigates the circumstances and enables us to entrust that soul, too, to the mercy of God.

Dear, Sweet Jesus: Take this troubled sheep, Phil, into your Sacred Heart. May he rest, safe and without a care, in your tender arms.

Blessed Mother: You watched your Son die violently before your eyes, and can identify with this sorrowful widow. Intercede powerfully before the throne of grace for this couple, that he will be at peace ... and her sorrow will turn not to bitterness, but to love perfected.


ukok said...

prayer ascending.

The Daily Grotto said...


Thank you for this post. We know of several people in the last few years to have committed suicide. It is always a tradegy, and so painful for the families.

The prayers to Jesus and Our Lady are so powerful.

I will pray.

Christine said...

Praying for Phil's soul and for his family.

As my family suffered the loss of my 22 year old grandson due to suicide just a short 4 months ago tomorrow, I know their pain.Many tears and prayers for them all.

"Jesus I trust in You"

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Although the pain of missing my sister is acute, the knowledge that she is in God's arms and now safe and free from her heavy burden and pain will sustain me as long as I live. Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, you posted this prayer on the very day my loved one took her life. Thank you for your prayers.