Thursday, June 19, 2008

Canticle July 2008 ... Hot off the Press!

Congratulations to the wonderful writers whose articles appear in the July/August issue of Canticle (in mailboxes across the country NOW!).

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle has a cover story on the International Women's Congress in Rome.

Johnnette Benkovic contributed "Our Lady of Mount Carmel: Her Scapular, Her School."

Elena Maria Vidal presents "Modest, Not Frumpy: Beauty and the Blessed"

Gretchen Garrity, with "Faith Lessons from a Garden."

Theresa Caviccio has a piece on St. Pauline Visintainer, Patroness of Diabetics.

Sarah Reinhard reflects on "Laundry on the Line."

Jean Heimann offers "A Working Miracle"

Ann Abbott writes "Bitterness in a World of Sugar" about the slave trade in the Dominican Republic.

Columnist Suzanne Baars writes about "The Exhausted Parent."

"Media Moments" columnist Genevieve Kineke contributed a moving account of Focolare founder, recently deceased, Chiara Lubic.

Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski's guest "Solitary Genius" column is for single adults who are recovering from their parents divorce.

Judy McCloskey ( presents "Incidence of Car Fatalities High Among Returning Veterans"

Kate Wicker contributed "In Search of God's Graces."

Elizabeth Yank wrote "Hey, Mom! Say a Prayer for Me!"

Susan Brinkmann offers a reflection on the Holy Father's recent visit.

Mary Jo Anderson presents "The Feminization of Poverty and Moral Truth"

Esther Baily contributed "Cooking with Grace" column ... Tropical Fruit Salad. Yum!

Finally, yours truly has an interview with Sister Ann Shields, SGL, about heaven.

If you'd like to order a copy, call 800-558-5452.

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Anonymous said...

Cogratulations--it looks like a fine issue.