Monday, May 19, 2008

Prayer Request: Prayer for comfort in sudden loss.

Dear Canticleers: At Pat H's request (Pat is a regular contributor to "Canticle") I am relaying my post to her in response to a special, heartbreaking request of hers. She wanted me to share my post to her, and her response to me. Please remember Pat and her family in your prayers.

Hi, Pat.

I always have time for you. And you don't need to worry - ever - of anyone having such thoughts about you. I won't post your news on the prayer request board, if you'd prefer not to make the knowledge public. But please know that I will be praying a rosary just for you.

Please do everything you can to take care of yourself, eating and resting and praying and exercising. Brush away the negative thoughts like so many buzzing insects. The truth, my dear sister, is that ALL of us have messy family problems, and that is why we need each other!

Dear Lord Jesus, please be with my friend Pat tonight.
She is hurting. She is sad. She may be angry, too.
Wrap your comforting presence around her, and hold her tight.
Guide her every step, so long as she needs it.

Holy Mary, Mother of us all, stay close to Pat,
and to her beloved sister, who is no doubt watching, too.
Pray for her, and for all those who have lost loved ones
Suddenly and without warning ...

Dear Father in heaven, help us to take comfort
that nothing surprises you ... and that
you make all things beautiful
in time.

Pat's response: Heidi,I thought that maybe the new bed was helping me awake refreshed and in such good humor this morning, and then I read your post. had nothing to do with latex firmness; it was the prayers of a very dear friend. Have a wonderful, blessed day, and thank you SO much. Also, at my request,please, post the script to your email and prayer and this--my response. That way, no details are necessary. But testifying to God's love is always fruitful. Ohhh, the POWER of prayer and genuine sisterhood! Love and prayers, Pat


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Women interceding for each other. Silent Canticle at its best. Grace and Peace to you both. D. Bossert

Christine said...

My prayers and thoughts across the miles to you dear sister Pat. No mater the sorrow, or pain, you are a special woman and we love you.


Anonymous said...

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