Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Prayer Requests from Our Canticle Community

At "Embracing Motherhood," Donna posts a request for the parents of a twenty-two year old girl who was murdered at her college dorm. Donna new this girl well, and asks for your prayers for the girl's family.

Cheryl Dickow (my publisher at Bezalel Books) asks for prayers for her grandfather, who died today. Please remember Norbert Makowski, a faithful and loving Catholic father, and his family who misses him so.

Pat Gohn requests prayers for the family of Steven Curtis Chapman, Christian recording artist, whose five-year-old daughter Maria was killed when an older brother accidentally struck her with the family car.

I'd also ask for prayers for the parish of Danielle Bean, which was recently vandalized. (Danielle is the editor of Faith&Family ... but sisters in faith don't let little things like market share get in the way of supporting one another, right? :-)

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