Sunday, March 09, 2008

Writers Tips: Online Book Promotions

I recently hired Cheryl Malandrinos at "Pump Up Your Book Online Promotion" to do a virtue book tour and other online promotional efforts for my new book Behold Your Mother as well as its related blog.

In preparation for the tour, she had me sign up with a number of online social networks, some of which I'm still trying to figure out. Yesterday I posted an old chestnut on "Gather," the story of how I got started writing. Thought you might enjoy it. Click here.

For those of you who are already published authors and have been promoting your book online, would you mind sharing some of the social and search engine groups that you've found particularly effective? (For example, one of the groups she recommended was "Me.Dium," but it seems awfully complicated. Have any of you subscribed?

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jenniferlauren said...

Hi there!

In your comment, you wrote about you are looking for a social network/search program used to promote work online. I know you mentioned Me.dium, and I just wanted to let you know that we have a team here happy to answer any questions you may have about it and make it less "complicated." :)

Me.dium is a great way to share information or promote work. One component to the browser add-on is a sidebar that you can post links and conversations in linking people back to your site. I've got a case study on another group who used Me.dium for group-promotion if you would like to take a look at it. Feel free to email me,

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!