Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote...

The Catholic Blog Awards are collecting votes right now. Click here to vote for your favorite blogs! (And thank you to whomever nominated SC for "Best inside information" blog)

Changing the subject for just a moment ... I was alerted to the fact that some of you have been trying to resubscribe (or check your subscriptions) and had trouble getting through on the 800 number. I was told today that two of their three CS reps were out for medical reasons, and poor Jennifer had to hold down the fort alone. Thanks for persevering ... and for patience!

Tom is fixing the online store so you will no longer be charged S&H for your subscription. Thanks, Tom!


Sarah said...

Maybe I'm being silly by asking this...and since I *STILL* have not received my copy, perhaps it should be obvious...but they DO send out renewal notices, right? And now, on tomorrow's to-do list, calling that 800 number... :) (Or hunting down my postman. Hmmm.)

Heidi Hess Saxton said...

It's NOT a silly question, but I don't know the answer. I'll find out.

Sarah said...

Well thank you! :)

Christine said...

I don't think they do send renewal notices as I never got one and went through the same thing for the Jan/Feb issue until we discovered the subscription ran out in Nov.

Look at your last copy and supposedly, on the label it will say when your subscription runs out.

Sarah said...

Are you serious?

(pause while I bite back my stinging reply)

OK. I'll call them. Thanks, Christine.

Heidi, can you chalk this up as a suggestion to the corporate offices? Even if it costs money to send the renewal notices, surely keeping subscribers is worth it? OK, I'll shut up now. I'm trying to be constructive, not nasty, so please take this with all the charity that's intended. :)