Monday, March 31, 2008

Can your query pass the Seven Second Test?

These and other pressing questions will be answered in my presentation: "The Good Writer: Seven Healthy Habits of Successful Writers" during the Catholic Writer's Conference Online May 2-9.

Registration is FREE (donations accepted), but you must register by April 25.

You haven't registered yet? Why ever NOT? Please ... just click here! You can go for an hour, or spend the whole week online.

Go ... enjoy!

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Kate said...

Heidi, I've been meaning to drop you a line about registering. I have a Mac and every time I click on the conference widget, it says I'm not allowed access. I've been trying to register for a few weeks now. I tried to use my hubby's computer and was able to pull up the form, but it kept timing I'm not sure if the registration actually went through. Is there a way to check? Thanks!

And I'll be posting a teaser for May's Canticle on my blog shortly...