Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Special Offer until June 10!!!

Order one or more subscriptions to Canticle before June 10 and receive one dollar ($1) off each subscription ordered! When you place your order, mention code SC07 to receive the discount.


Coffee Wife said...

Hello Heidi! I'd really love to see "Canticle Magazine" and the "Women of Grace" group spread far and wide! We Catholic women really do need everything that Mrs. Benkovic has put together. I'm going to blog about WOG and the Canticle Magazine in the hopes that I can help spread the message a bit.

I tried to subscribe to "Canticle Magazine" but there is no way for me to select the overseas rate of $44.95. I could only select the US subscription rate. (I live in Scotland)

Recently I had joined "Women of Grace" which I think is a wonderful apostolate. But I had to pay more then the US rate for much less involvement with WOG - and so I canceled. Not in anger though.

I would have *gladly* paid more as an over-seas member but I was in fact getting much less while paying much more:

--I couldn't attend confrences and there was no way I would be able to take advantage of the "VIP pre-conference reception to meet the speakers."

--I'd have to pay amounts like $153 for the confrence tapes if I wanted to hear the talks.

--The 20% discount Women of Grace products and merchandise is great - but I'd have to pay the crazy overseas shipping.

--I don't know if I was receiving the free annual subscription to Canticle at the overseas rate?

--All that I had access to was the chat room and the forum which were relativly inactive. I wasn't expecting an endless stream of action - but as the only way for me to interact I felt disapointed.

(It's hard not to sound snotty when typing on a computer screen. You have to trust me that I'm not mad or uppity as I write this.)

The ONLY reason I'm bringing this up is to ask you if there is any way to help overseas members like me justify spending $65. I'm thinking that overseas women will be put off by this and they will not join WOG.

I would have spent $65 gladly if I was able to access the same wonderful things as the US members. But to pay more for about 1/4 of the benefits made it impossible. I hope you don't see this as an attack - I'm not angry. Just logical!

Is there any way that "Women of Grace" can host confrences on-line for overseas members so that we can join in? Can WOG offer the confrence tapes at a reduced rate or what not for over-seas members since we can't join in the acctual confrences? Is there any way for us to be as involved as the US members of Women of Grace?

Thanks for your time and GOD BLESS!!

Heidi said...

Hello, Coffee Wife!

Your post doesn't include your e-mail address, so I can respond privately. I have passed on your feedback to Johnnette and her staff. The ordering problem should be easy to fix, and I'm grateful for your pointing it out. As for the rest ... I'm hoping they will be able to address these issue concerns as well.

Would you please send me a note at so I can communicate with you directly?

Thanks so much!

Heidi Saxton

Coffee Wife said...

Oh dear I hope my piddly issue doesn't distress Johnnette while she's dealing with the huge issue of her husband's death!

If I have time tonight I'll email you - if not I'll email you as soon as I can! I have to go feed my hungry Wooly Ladies (sheep and their lambs!)


Veritas said...

Credit card payment for those outside the US sounds like the perfect solution, Heidi. I'll watch this space. I agree with a lot of what Michelle is saying, and it would be a great pity if Canticle does not get the subscriptions it deserves.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Happy Mother's Day, Heidi! Enjoy the day!