Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lent issue update

Congratulations to Gretchen Garrity, whose entry "Giving Lent a Try" was selected as the finalist in the "write about Lent" call for submissions. Her article will appear in the March/April issue. Thanks to all of you who participated. Selecting the final entry was difficult because there were several particularly well-written pieces. I wish I could have taken them all.

There are a couple of omissions and errors in the January issue that I'd like to bring to your attention.
  • Donna-Marie O'Boyle alerted me to the fact that there were a couple of errors in the review of her book Unlikely Saints. The most important is that her book is not yet out -- it will come out sometime in 2008.
  • Concerning the "Grace in Action" column on military chaplains, Renee Gardiner writes: "I'm sure you've already realized the Jan/Feb issue went out with a mistake in the article about the AMS. On July 12, 2007 Archbishop O'Brien was appointed Archbishop of Baltimore by Pope Benedict XVI and he was formally installed on October 1. 2007. Our new Archbishop 'to be" is Archbishop Broglio - this was announced on 19 Nov 2007." (Judy McCloskey informs me that Abp. Broglio's appointment may be temporary.)

  • Speaking of the military, I received this in the e-mail today, and thought I'd pass it along to those who have loved ones in military service. (Warning: be sure to have the tissues handy.)

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Gretchen said...

I'm honored to have my article chosen, Heidi. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Wait till I tell my parish priest, Father Boniface, that I'm getting published!