Saturday, December 22, 2007

Great News for Lisa Hendey of "Catholic Moments"!

Lisa Hendey, a "Canticle" regular contributer and webmaster at, just sent me this news about the exciting new development for her "Catholic Moments" podcast ...

"Hey everyone, I just had to share this great news! Christmas came early for me this year!!You can check out the details at and comment there if you are as excited as I am! This happened just in time for me to ask you to join me in supporting SQPN with any size donation you might be able to share this year. I truly believe that podcasting and new media are tremendous tools for lifting up our Catholic families and sharing our faith. If you can share a donation of any size, please visit - your donation will go to help SQPN continue to grow and will support the talented individuals who lead this organization and have committed their lives to this project.Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me in this new project, and here's to many more "Catholic Moments" in 2008. Happy Fourth Sunday of Advent, Lisa"

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Lisa M. Hendey said...

Thanks so much for sharing my good news! I hope this will bring more attention to the work of those I am trying to promote through the podcast. Hopefully this is a good development for many people!