Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Finding a "Momful" Balance

Is your "Mommy Monster" prowling? I just finished one of my RBTE treasures, Momfulness by Denise Roy (Jossey Bass Publishers, author of My Monastery Is a Minivan). The cover put me off a bit (which is a shame because it might deter some moms from reading it unnecessarily). However, if your week is anything like mine, this may be just what you need to attain serenity (not to mention save your voice). For the full review, click here.

Do you ever wonder if as Catholics we take ourselves a tad too seriously at times? Check out the June 20 post at "Streams of Mercy" and let me know what you think!


Allegra Venetia said...

I like your blog. I will add you.



Coffee Wife said...

Hello Hedi!! I just got back from vacation. It was fun - we visited the beautiful Benedictine Pluscarden Abbey in Pluscarden, Scotland. I'm hoping to become an oblate there! *grin* Has Canticle Magazine set up a way for international subscriptions to be paid for?? GOD BLESS!!!! Michelle Therese