Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Sudden Hush

Between now and Easter I will be taking a "blog break" (barring any sudden developments in Tony Benkovic's situation). I leave you with this beautiful reflection, courtesy of Ann Murray, a new friend from Belfast, Ireland, who has agreed to share her beautiful poetry and artwork with us (photography by Bronaugh M.). Be sure to check out her blog.

Good Friday

An impassioned mist enveloped those
Who stood beneath the Cross,
While Jesus’ suffering endured
Until His last breath was exhaled.
No ordinary man was this -
A veil of mourning covered the sun,
The temple curtain was torn from top to base,
The cold earth quaked as
All were plunged into an ecliptic night
When even the wood of Calvary stood
Bereft of heaven’s light

Ann Murray

1 comment:

Mary G said...


I agree -- that is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the poem and picture -- always nice to go into the Triduum with some meditations....

Also, thanks for the link to Anne's blog -- looks great and should be fun to delve into