Saturday, March 31, 2007

Now Accepting "Bloginations"

I'd like to update my "link list" to include all those who have websites or blogs that they would like to "link" to the Silent Canticle site. If you would like your site (or know of other excellent sites that you would like me to consider), please send me the link. I have just a few requirements:

1. Writer/creator must be a Catholic woman (couples or family sites OK, too).
2. Must be 100% faithful to the Church, both in what they themselves post and what they permit to be posted in terms of third-party reviews etc.
3. Extra points for a link to the "Canticle" site ( and "Silent Canticle" blog ( or
4. When you send your link, be sure to include a way to contact the original writer/creator in case I have any questions. (Goes without saying, I hope, we need the permission of the blogger in order to post the link.)


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