Monday, March 05, 2007

Bloomin' Seeds o' Faith: First Canticle Writer's Contest

Funny thing happened today. As I was preparing a special mailing to a few institutions I think would benefit from a subscription to "Canticle," I debated whether to print the sample article I intended to send with the cover letter in color (which would make the better impression) or black-and-white (which was significantly cheaper).
It was tempting to go the cheaper route, as I was financing this effort myself. But then I thought, "What impression will this make? What is going to get the results? How much faith do I have that God is going to bless this effort?"
And so I bit the bullet and went full-color. It's Lent ... nobody is going to notice if we eat beans and rice all week! Timidly I held up the envelopes for God to see before I stuffed them in the mailbox. "Lord, I offer this to you, and ask that You take these little seeds of faith and make them bloom for Your Kingdom..." Outwardly I exuded confidence as I stuffed the envelopes in the box; inwardly I wondered if I had just wasted $50.
Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the mailbox that afternoon and found a check from one of my clients ... money I'd forgotten they owed me, representing SEVEN times my small investment. I had to laugh. And then I smiled, reminded of the little ditty I learned from my mother, who was a great believer in these kinds of "seedling" prayers...
Have you ever talked to God above,
told him that you need a friend to love? ...
Pray in Jesus name believing that God answers prayer.
Have you told him all your cares and woes,
every tiny little fear he knows.
You can always run to him and he will answer prayer!
OK... Now it's your turn! Send me a little story about a "seedling prayer," an unexpected divine response to a tiny act of faith. Writer of winning entry will receive $50 and have her entry printed in Canticle (300-500 words) -- both in print and online! Deadline is April 10 at 12 midnight. Send to All entries become property of Canticle Magazine and LHLA, Int'l. Judges' decision is final.

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Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Of course there is nothing wrong with rice & beans all week-- in my native country most people eat it everyday year round! Maybe I should post a good Lenten recipe for delicious Brazilian Rice & Beans on my blog!
Love your blog, and will most certainly enter your contest! God Bless.