Friday, August 08, 2008

Sue Brinkmann, OCDS, takes over Canticle in 2009

I'm happy to announce that Sue Brinkmann, OCDS, will be taking over Canticle when I hang up my "editor badge" at the end of the summer. The Nov/Dec 2008 issue will be my last. I am grateful to God that someone as kind and accomplished as Sue is ready to step in!

For the first issue (Jan/Feb), she has asked that anyone interested in submitting a story to send a query to her at

I would also like to thank the many fine writers who contributed to the Sept/Oct 2008 issue in addition to our regular columnists:

* Leticia Velasquez: "Faith in the Public Square"

* Kate Wicker: "Seven Sorrows of Our Lady"

* Anna Abbott: "The Red Umbrella League"

* Sue Brinkmann: "Malvern Retreat Article"

* Tiffani Burnett: "Little Flower and Guilliam-Barre Syndrome"

* Theresa Cavicchio: "Total Consecration to Mary"

* Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur: "How to Preserve Your Family's History"

* Charlotte Ostermann: "Like Logs on a Fire: Teresa of Avila on Contemplation"

* Bonnie Shoemaker: "Spinning on a Prayer"

* Elizabeth Yank: "Frazzled ... Secrets of Homeschool Success"

* Deb Richards: "Getting the Most out of Scripture Reading"

* Laura Yeager: "Loving the Mentally Ill"

Thank you, dear friends, for sharing your gifts and wisdom with us!

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Veritas said...

I wish you well, Heidi, and will always be grateful for the foot in the door you gave me. The passing over of responsibility may be a little tearful but as you say you're handing things over confident in your successor.
God bless, Heidi!