Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pray for Christine Trollinger's Family

This morning I opened up my e-mail and found the following note from Christine:

Saturday September 29th, 2007

At 11:30 pm, last night, my Lord entreated me to pray. As I pondered this command to pray, my soul was drawn in sorrow, to pray especially for Christopher, my step grand son, our beloved child. I certainly did not know the tragedy which was unfolding, yet God in His mercy made sure that Christopher was surrounded in prayer in his final moments. I prayed the Divine Mercy for Chris, and asked the angels to surround us all.

At 12:50 am, Feast of the Holy Angels, I drifted off to sleep, secure in the knowledge that God had heard the prayers he asked me to pray. And as I did so, Christopher slipped the bonds of earth, and flew into Eternal Life, surrounded in Gods love and Mercy. Now, in the early morning hours, I am reflecting upon our violent and sudden loss of our Christopher. Yet in my heart, I know that God knew Christopher would be dying as I prayed the Divine Mercy for him.

My heart is heavy with the loss of Christopher, but I know he is safe and God has him firmly in his arms.

“Jesus, I trust in You!”

Please hold Christine and her family in your prayers.


elena maria vidal said...

Deep in prayer....

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

I am sorry, Heidi. However, very thankful for you to have been inspired to pray at that time and that you were comforted knowing the timing and power of the prayers. May our Lord and His Blessed Mother continue to bless you and your family.